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Review - Vanishing Girls

Vanishing Girls - Lauren Oliver

Honestly, I was super excited about this book just from the description of it, I expected a lot more of it and that it would be more suspense and even thrilling than anything else. But most of this book was sadly teenage drama. And even more so, stereotypical drama that didn't bother to expand. This book could have been so much better, could have lived up to the hype, but instead it plummeted to a sort of force to finish.

The writing itself? It had it's good moments. But there were sloppy moments. It's what kept me from actually giving it three stars were those sloppy moments. It was frustrating to read because there was this mystery you get in the first few chapters of this book, and you want to know what happens. But instead of actually dealing with it, you get teenage drama and rather boring moments where it felt rather dragging, like it could have skipped forward and no one would have missed it.

I found the plot sort of sloppy. Though I saw it coming, I found it rather choppy and like the author only remember after what they wanted and threw it in randomly. The whole thing felt rushed and not well put together. The pieces were there, but it was like they weren't actually put together in the right places and were left awkwardly with a jumble of a picture that made no sense.

I've said a lot of negative about this, but the one thing I did like was the sister dynamic. Though the drama was honestly boring between them (honestly, your sisters. In any normal case, you would both end up saying 'screw it, it's not worth both of us hating each other over the same boy'), I found the other part of their relationship understandable. I know, having a step-sister very close to my age, you fight over stupid things, you end up hurting each other, but you're also there for them. You'll fight for them. And I think that Nick and Dara did have that to an extent. I liked where it was going, but I just wish that they didn't let some boy get in the middle of it. Maybe I'm just sick of love triangles.

This book wasn't for me. But I think maybe some people will like it. Those who liked 'We Were Liars' might enjoy it. You notice similar themes in them, for sure.

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