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Cherise or Reese for short. I'm 21 years old, Lesbian, and a student in Library Services. ISFJ.
Challenger Deep - Brendan Shusterman, Neal Shusterman

This book is an amazing look into mental illness. I was lucky enough to get an early access e-copy of this book. At first, the book seemed confusing, that it made little sense, but was interesting to read. But the more you read, the more it made sense and when it did, it was mind blowing. There were deep moments that left me simply having to stop reading, to digest it and wrap my mind around it and how true it all seemed. It felt like a real look into a teen psych ward, unlike “It’s kinda a funny story”, that seemed to gloss over the experience to make it romantic. This book didn’t do that. Instead, it gave a real look, one that was chilling and eye opening, but at the same time important. The main character goes through hell and back, but you hoot for him through it all, and the story doesn’t disappoint in that aspect. He grows amazingly, but only when he hits bottom first, which sadly is what life sometimes gives us.

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